dovyo CRM. Every Successful Telecaller's Secret Weapon!

As a salesperson, you rely on calls to connect with potential and existing clients. By integrating your system with dovyo CRM, you can make and receive calls directly from the sales software. This allows you to track the impact of your calls on deals and maintain a record of all conversations.

Why Is #dovyoCRM The Go-To Choice For Tele Callers?

Never miss a connection or a detail. dovyo CRM integrates seamlessly with your service provider, allowing you to make calls directly within the CRM app. Each call automatically logs to the relevant record, providing a complete communication history. Stay on top of your outreach with reminders for upcoming calls and missed connections.

dovyo CRM also empowers you to update call statuses and record important notes for future reference. To streamline your workflow even further, automate call scheduling and post-call activities, ensuring a smooth and efficient telecalling experience.


What Sets dovyo CRM Apart?


Single-click dialing.


Call directly from CRM.


Auto-schedule calls.


Get call reminders for upcoming and missed calls


Save call logs to CRM Records

Eliminate Tedious Telecalling Steps With dovyo CRM's Deep Link Dialing

dovyo CRM's Deep Link Dialing streamlines your telecalling process like never before. Bypass multiple steps and directly initiate calls from the CRM interface. Designed to save you time and increase efficiency, it reduces the need for manual dialing, allowing you to reach out to potential leads or provide customer support effortlessly.

Lead Distribution

Stop wasting time and resources on manual lead distribution! dovyo CRM introduces an automated system that eliminates the guesswork in assigning leads. This intelligent feature analyzes various factors such as skillsets, workload, and lead quality to ensure a fair and efficient distribution among your entire tele-calling team.

No more bottlenecks or scrambling for assignments. dovyo CRM keeps everyone focused on the right leads, eliminating wasted effort and maximizing your team's potential.


Cloud Compatibility

We understand the modern, dynamic work environment. Whether your tele-calling team works remotely or operates from a central office, dovyo CRM offers seamless integration with both cloud-based and traditional GSM phone systems. This flexibility eliminates location limitations.

There's no need to invest in expensive new infrastructure - dovyo CRM leverages your existing setup, empowering your team to make calls seamlessly and ensuring your Tele-calling operation remains agile and adaptable, ready to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape.


Lead Integrations

You can now eliminate the dreaded task of manually entering lead information. dovyo CRM seamlessly connects with various lead generation sources you already use, creating a two-way data flow. This intelligent integration ensures your CRM holds the most up-to-date lead information, eliminating errors and saving you valuable time.

By streamlining the process and giving you access to accurate and comprehensive lead details at your fingertips, you can personalize your approach for every interaction, tailoring your sales pitch to each lead's specific needs and interests.


Third-Party Integrations

dovyo CRM recognizes that every business has unique needs. That's why it goes beyond basic telecalling functionality by offering integrations with various third-party cloud telephony services. This opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to unlock advanced features and functionalities that perfectly align with your specific requirements.

You can utilize detailed call analytics to identify trends and optimize your telecalling strategy. Streamline voicemail management for improved responsiveness and customer satisfaction.


Telecalling CRM Built for Efficiency. Why Not Give It A Try?

Smart Sales Alerts & Reminders

Never miss a follow-up again! dovyo CRM automatically alerts reps about important lead actions and lets them schedule tasks and reminders.

Identify Hot Leads Quickly

Prioritize your efforts by ranking leads based on stage, quality, and engagement – dovyo CRM helps you identify the hottest prospects.

Focused Sales Teams

Boost rep productivity by using permission templates to control access to information and eliminate distractions.

Turn your smartphone into a Lead Conversion tool

Access notes & history for personalized pitches that hit the mark.
Log details & info after calls to keep data fresh and qualify leads instantly.
Share call outcomes in real-time for seamless collaboration.

dovyo CRM Integrates Seamlessly With Your Favourite Apps

Sync customer data, manage tasks, and connect every message with #dovyoCRM

Elevate Your Telecalling Operations

Experience the benefits of our CRM platform and observe the transformation in your telecalling process.