Achieve Limitlessly with dovyo CRM's Dynamic Features

Discover the power of dovyo CRM’s feature-packed platform. With our user-friendly platform, customizable options, and focus on productivity, we make it easy for you to manage your business effectively and succeed. Explore how dovyo CRM can transform your operations today.
Sales & Lead Management
Simplify your sales and lead management processes with dovyo CRM. Organize leads efficiently, track interactions, and nurture relationships for successful conversions. Gain valuable insights into deal progress, prioritize opportunities, and automate repetitive tasks to drive sales success.
Lead Capture & Management

Efficiently capture and manage leads. Stay organized, track interactions, and nurture relationships for successful conversions.

Deal Management

Visualize and track deal progress. Gain insights into deal stages and take informed actions to move deals forward.

Sales Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline sales processes. Increase efficiency and focus on high-value activities to drive sales success.

Sales Sequences

Create personalized email sequences for lead nurturing and engagement. Nurture leads effectively and move them through the sales funnel with targeted communication.

Communication & Collaboration
Stay connected and collaborate with dovyo CRM's Communication & Collaboration feature. Establish communication channels, share files effortlessly, and foster teamwork across your organization. With intuitive tools at your fingertips, empower yourself to communicate effectively and drive collaboration for success 
Omnichannel Communication

Send emails, run campaigns, manage calls, integrate social media, and send SMS effortlessly. Connect meetings with Gmeet & Teams Integration and reach your customers.

Team Collaboration

Utilize shared calendars to coordinate schedules, internal notes for seamless communication, and ensure tasks are evenly distributed among the team.

Updates & Issue Management

Send announcements based on team, raise tickets for timely resolution of problems, and track updates to stay on top of important issues.

Customer Support

Provide a self-service knowledge base, offer live chat support, and track customer inquiries with ticketing systems.

Reporting & Analytics
Unlock valuable insights and drive informed decisions with dovyo CRM's Reporting & Analytics. Dive deep into your data, track performance metrics, and identify trends to optimize your strategies and propel your business forward. With intuitive reporting tools, empower yourself to make data-driven decisions and achieve greater success.
Reports & Dashboards

Easily visualize key sales metrics and performance trends to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Sales Report

Dive deeper into your sales performance and track sales metrics to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

Performance Metrics

With dovyo CRM's Sales Performance feature, track metrics like lead conversion rates, deal win rates, and average deal size to drive productivity.

Lead Overview

Analyze deal details, assess lead quality and gain insights into lead sources, engagement levels, and conversion probabilities to prioritize leads.

Level up your business with dovyo CRM

Transform operations, achieve more, and build lasting customer relationships with our platform.

Customer Management
Take control of your customer management with powerful features of Customer Management. Store and manage customer information, track profile completeness, and segment your audience for targeted campaigns. With dovyo CRM, empower yourself to provide personalized experiences and foster lasting connections. 
Contact Management

Easily store and manage customer information with dovyo CRM's feature, ensuring you have quick access to important details whenever you need them.

Completeness Meter

Track the completeness of customer profiles, helping you maintain comprehensive and up-to-date information for better engagement.

Customer Segmentation

This feature allows you to group customers on shared characteristics, enabling you to customize your marketing efforts and messaging for maximum impact.

Activity Tracking

With dovyo CRM's Activity Tracking feature, you can monitor customer interactions, follow-ups, and engagements, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Modify your CRM to suit your unique business needs by customizing fields, layouts, and workflows. With customization tools, you can adapt them to fit your specific processes and preferences, ensuring easy integration into your workflow and maximizing productivity.
Custom Fields

Add custom elements to capture specific information relevant to your business needs, ensuring comprehensive data management tailored to your requirements.

Views & Filters

Customize data views and filters to focus on the information that matters most to you, enabling efficient data analysis and decision-making.

Custom Integration

With Custom Integration feature, integrate third-party applications and services to your business, extending the capabilities of your CRM.

Automated Workflows

Design and implement automated workflows to streamline repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and ensuring consistency across your operations.

Sales Enablement
Empower your sales team with dovyo CRM's comprehensive solutions. From simplifying workflows to providing valuable insights and tools, the platform equips your team with everything they need to close deals effectively and drive revenue growth in today's competitive marketplace.
Quotes & Finance

With dovyo CRM's Quotes and Finance feature, effortlessly manage quotes and invoices, simplifying monetary transactions and ensuring smooth operations.


Stay organized with the Calendar feature, which allows you to schedule meetings and appointments with ease, helping you stay on top of your busy schedule.

Sales Activities

Tailor your sales process to fit your needs. Define custom tasks specific to your requirements, ensuring a personalized approach to sales management.

Lifecycle Stages

This feature enables you to track and manage customer’s journey, from initial contact to conversion and beyond, ensuring a personalized customer experience.

Performance Management
Maximize your team's potential with dovyo CRM's performance management tools. From distributing tasks to optimizing sales efforts and tracking goals, empower yourself to enhance productivity and achieve business objectives easily. Gain valuable insights, foster collaboration, and drive your team towards unparalleled success.
Round Robin

Fairly distribute and automatically assign tasks or leads among teams, ensuring equitable distribution of responsibilities and maximizing efficiency.

Territory Management

Assign specific branches or regions to sales reps, allowing for targeted sales efforts and ensuring effective coverage across all areas.

Goal Tracking

Monitor and track progress towards sales goals and objectives, empowering you to identify trends, make decisions, and drive performance improvements.

Performance Insights

dovyo CRM provides KPI’s, allowing you to assess individual and team performance, identify strengths & weaknesses, and optimize strategies to achieve success.

Experience the Impact with dovyo CRM

Explore the benefits of our feature-rich CRM platform and experience a positive shift in your operations.

Remote Features
Elevate your remote capabilities with dovyo CRM's advanced features. Access your CRM on-the-go with mobile apps, conduct online meetings, analyze sales data, and target leads and customers with precision based on location. Stay connected, productive, and informed, no matter where you are.
Mobile Apps

Access dovyo CRM on your Android device, ensuring you never miss a beat and can manage your business tasks wherever you are.

Sales Presentations

Stay productive with dovyo CRM, conduct online meetings and sales presentations, allowing you to engage with clients and prospects remotely.

Sales Analytics

Access detailed sales analytics remotely, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Geo Targeting

Reach your targets with geo-targeting feature to effectively target leads, assign sales reps, and serve customers based on their geographical location.

Explore our security features, including access control, data encryption, and GDPR compliance, designed to safeguard your valuable information. With dovyo CRM, trust that your data is in safe hands, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward with confidence.
Roles, Profiles, & Groups

Personalize user permissions with customizable roles, profiles, and groups, ensuring data integrity and security.

Data Security Measures

Safeguard your valuable assets. dovyo CRM employs high security protocols to protect your data, guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity.


Prioritize data protection. Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, safeguarding personal information and maintaining trust with your customers.

Security Solutions

dovyo CRM offers comprehensive security features, including encryption and audit trials, ensuring your data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Mobile Features
Experience flawless productivity on the go with dovyo CRM's mobile features. Manage calls, stay updated with quick links and notifications, optimize your routes with location intelligence, and stay connected with SMS and direct access to meetings. Your productivity knows no bounds.
Call Logs & Voice Notes

Manage your calls effortlessly and capture important details with voice notes, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Quick Links & Notifications

Access important information instantly with quick links and receive timely notifications to keep you up-to-date on all your tasks.

Location Intelligence

Utilize location intelligence to optimize your routes, schedule meetings efficiently, and enhance your productivity while on the go.

Messages & Meetings

Send, receive SMS, and join Gmeet and Teams meetings directly from your mobile app, ensuring you never miss anything important.

Maximize your connectivity with dovyo CRM's integration features.Instantly communicate with other applications, explore our diverse marketplace, and optimize automation. Improve your workflow effortlessly.
API Access

Seamlessly integrate dovyo CRM with other applications, enabling smooth data exchange and workflow integration.


Discover a wide range of compatible integrations in the Marketplace, enhancing functionality and tailoring it to your specific needs.

Support Options

Our team is committed to providing assistance whenever you need it, ensuring you get the help you need to succeed.


Use Webhooks to enhance automation and connectivity, allowing your business to automate and stay connected across platforms with ease.