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Streamline Retail Sales With #dovyoCRM

#dovyoCRM provides an integrated platform that caters to your sales, marketing, support, and inventory management requirements. With #dovyoCRM, you can efficiently manage your retail and supply chain operations.

Why choose #dovyoCRM for your Retail business?

Item Management

dovyo CRM allows you to organize your items easily. This efficient system ensures that every product is neatly arranged, enhancing your business operations with precision and style.


Centralize all your projects in one place, keeping track of deadlines, tasks, and client communication with ease. This streamlines your workflow for ultimate efficiency.


Connect dovyo CRM with your existing ecosystem with various third-party tools and applications, maximizing your productivity and eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Mobile Accessibility

The real estate market is dynamic, and your business has unique needs. dovyo CRM empowers you with various customization options. Adapt the platform to perfectly match your specific real estate processes.


dovyo CRM automates repetitive tasks, freeing you up for client relationships. Never miss a lead!

Boost sales

Track key metrics and generate reports to see what's working and optimize your real estate sales strategy.

Simplify Omnichannel Selling

Stay connected with customers through SMS, WhatsApp, telephony, live chat, and social media. Understand their preferences, identify top-selling products, and optimize your inventory accordingly. Maximize your selling efforts and ensure seamless customer engagement.

Streamline TeamWork

Leverage dovyo CRM to its full potential by fostering a collaborative internal environment. This centralizes client and project information, streamlines communication through shared notes and tasks, and empowers your team to work seamlessly together.

Stay Connected with Your Customers Post-Purchase

Don't let the relationship end with a purchase. Integrate your CRM with top-tier help-desk software. This allows you to provide exceptional customer support, opening doors for cross-selling and fostering repeat customers through a comprehensive customer success platform.

Use the built-in analytics to guide decisions with data-driven insights.


Dominate the Market, Wherever You Are

Close deals on the go with in-app calling. Manage your calendar and never miss a client interaction, all from your phone.
Leverage location intelligence to map leads and clients, plan efficient routes for appointments, and maximize your time.
Assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate seamlessly with your team – all at your fingertips. dovyo CRM keeps everyone on the same page, no matter the location.

Integrate your favorite apps


Frequently Asked Questions

dovyo CRM is a customer relationship management tool designed to boost your retail business. It helps you manage customer interactions, personalize marketing efforts, and streamline operations, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Yes! dovyo CRM integrates seamlessly with popular sales and marketing tools you might already be using. This ensures a smooth workflow and avoids data silos.

dovyo CRM goes beyond simply managing interactions. It helps you build strong customer relationships by providing tools for targeted communication, loyalty programs, and personalized experiences. This fosters customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back.

Absolutely! dovyo CRM helps you manage your entire retail operation. From keeping track of inventory and staff schedules to organizing customer data and purchases, dovyo CRM keeps everything centralized and organized.

dovyo CRM creates a robust customer database that allows you to segment your audience based on purchase history, preferences, and demographics. This empowers you to launch targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with specific customer groups.

dovyo CRM prioritizes security. It offers features like data encryption, access controls, and user permissions to ensure your sensitive customer information is always protected.

dovyo CRM is built specifically for retailers. It includes features like product management tools, loyalty program integration, and sales tracking functionalities to optimize your retail operations.

dovyo CRM analyzes customer buying habits. By understanding what your customers purchase and how they interact with your store, you can tailor your product selection, promotions, and marketing strategies for maximum impact.

dovyo CRM streamlines lead tracking for potential customers. You can track website visitors, manage inquiries, and nurture leads through targeted email campaigns, all within the dovyo CRM platform.

dovyo CRM offers comprehensive customer support and training options. You'll have access to tutorials, webinars, and a dedicated support team to help you get the most out of your dovyo CRM experience.

Retail Success Starts With dovyo CRM

See how dovyo CRM simplifies operations and shows the hidden potential in your business.