Your One-Stop Solution For Simplified Project Management

dovyo CRM serves as a central hub that organizes your projects, automates tedious tasks, and empowers collaboration - all within a user-friendly interface, helping you focus on closing deals and exceeding customer expectations.

Why Should you Choose dovyo CRM to be your All-in-One Project Management Solution?

Feeling overwhelmed by projects? dovyo CRM simplifies it all. Imagine one secure hub for every task, deadline, and file which is easily accessible to your entire team. No more scrambling for updates. Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for strategic planning and client communication.

dovyo CRM’s Project Solutions fosters effortless collaboration, allowing your team to share ideas and track progress in real-time. Do more than just manage projects. Focus on strategies that drive growth, deliver exceptional value to clients, and achieve long-term success.


Do not miss these Project Features!


Customized Project Views


Effortless Project Creation


Real-Time Status Tracking


Intelligent Automation


Seamless Email Automation

Launching New Projects doesn't have to be a Headache

dovyo CRM streamlines the process, allowing you to define goals, assign team members, and set deadlines in minutes. Leverage pre-built project templates to jumpstart initiatives or create your own for recurring tasks.

Shift to One-size-fits-all Project Dashboards!

dovyo CRM empowers you to personalize your project view. Imagine crafting a dashboard that perfectly aligns with your workflow. dovyo CRM lets you build custom project list views based on specific criteria—filter by deadlines, team members, project stages, or anything that matters most to you.

Gain valuable insights at a glance and focus on what truly drives progress. The best part is that sharing your ideal view with team members is effortless, ensuring everyone stays on track and contributes effectively.


Embrace Real-time Project Transparency

Get instant access to a dynamic dashboard that showcases project completion percentages, keeping you informed on overall progress. dovyo CRM’s project solution also highlights achieved milestones, motivates your team, and ensures projects stay on track.

Monitor task lists in real-time, see who's responsible for what, and track progress as tasks move through various stages. dovyo CRM empowers proactive decision-making; with complete transparency, you can identify potential roadblocks early on and ensure every project reaches a success.


Never Give Up on Time with dovyo CRM.

dovyo CRM's powerful built-in calendar organizes your schedule and keeps you in control. Imagine a centralized hub for everything – daily, weekly, or monthly views to see your entire schedule at a glance. Effortlessly schedule meetings with clients or team members directly within the CRM, all in just a few clicks.

dovyo CRM promotes effortless collaboration by allowing you to share your calendar with colleagues, eliminating scheduling conflicts and ensuring everyone stays on the same page. But it doesn't stop there! dovyo CRM empowers you to prioritize tasks based on deadlines and appointments, maximizing your time and boosting overall productivity.


Utilize dovyo CRM' Automation Advantage

Skip the endless email chains and make communication easier with dovyo CRM's seamless email automation. Simply personalize pre-written drafts and hit send—it's that easy! dovyo CRM also empowers you to stay informed and keep everyone on the same page.

Set up automated email alerts for project updates, milestone achievements, or task completions, ensuring everyone receives timely notifications. dovyo CRM lets you focus on building strong client relationships and achieving project goals, while ensuring clear communication flows effortlessly throughout the entire project lifecycle.


Unleash Peak Performance and Get Benefits from #dovyoCRM Project Solutions

Effortless Project Launch

dovyo CRM streamlines project creation with templates, group organization, and customizable dashboards, getting you started in minutes.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain instant insights with dynamic dashboards. Track completion percentages, celebrate achieved milestones, and monitor task progress in real-time.

Intelligent Automation

Free up your team's time and reduce errors. dovyo CRM automates repetitive tasks like sending reminders, assigning follow-ups, and triggering actions based on project events.

Stay in Control, Stay on Track:

Real-Time Project Visibility: Monitor project progress, track deadlines, and identify potential roadblocks – anytime, anywhere.
Effortless Team Collaboration: Share updates, assign tasks, and communicate with team members directly through the app, keeping everyone on the same page.
Streamlined Workflow: Access project details, update task statuses, and manage approvals on the go. Maintain project efficiency and prevent delays, even when you're out.

Empower your Team and Achieve Exceptional Results


Enhance Your Ability to Manage Projects

dovyo CRM isn't just project management software; it's a strategic partner for your business success.