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General Queries

Activation licenses are codes used to activate services that are pending payment or activated by customers. dovyo CRM partners can provide an activation code, for which you have to pay them directly or explore other available payment options with them

Always your invoice is overdue within 5 days from invoice. 10 days overdue invoices will be cancelled and related services will also be cancelled. Another way, is you have chosen any partner to activate via activation license.

Normally it is 1 year, The first renewal date will be 365th days from the date of subscription, This renewal date is fixed and cannot be changed. All your additional services/users will be followed pro rata from renewal.

Periodical webinars, public forums, seminars and workshops help your business grow. These are visible in the announcement area.

Check your admin mailbox for the reason why your account is suspended or send a mail to support@hashdovyo.com

You can access dovyo CRM via a Valid Web Browser, and Android mobile apps.

We normally offer extra services like bulk SMS service and Email accounts. But this is not the condition you have to buy these services only from us. You are privileged to go with your own choice.

You will be notified via email/announcement area about updates, Maintenance and other planned / unplanned activities.

We do not offer any discount right now, But still, you can reach our sales via chat.

We normally offer extra services like bulk SMS service and Email accounts. But this is not the condition you have to buy these services only from us. You are privileged to go with your own choice.

Technical support

Technical support via Email and Tickets. In rare cases, we offer via Phone and remote desk connection.

Yes, we will conduct a webinar for both sales, support and implementation.

Yes, we are concerned about usage. Submit a request via the admin console, One of our team member/consultant partners will reach you as soon as possible.

Right now there is no provision. We will keep you updated via email once the system is tuned and updated.

Login to your admin console and Submit a bug/error form.

Yes, We will provide implementation services only to our direct customers not to customers under any partners.

When choosing a CRM, it's important to consider features like lead and opportunity management, sales automation, customer service and support, marketing automation, analytics and reporting, and integration with other business systems.

dovyo CRM provides you with features like communication tools, appointment scheduling, and email marketing to streamline the sales process and enhance customer interactions.

A CRM system will definitely help segment your current contact database. With a CRM, you can easily categorize your contacts based on a variety of criteria, such as geographic location, purchase history, and interests.

Yes, a CRM can integrate with other financial systems to streamline processes and data management. This integration allows for automatic data transfer, improved workflow, and enhanced reporting capabilities.


No, Right now we only serve India.

Yes, Either we or our consultant partner can do this.

You will get full access to core modules and not to the modules/customization available in your marketplace.

All your data is encrypted. We will wipe out from system within 5 working days from expiry.

You will see an option on top where you can upgrade from the Trial period.


The consultant will know how to implement dovyo CRM into your organization model. They are well experienced and trained for it. All you have to do is give them a detailed idea of how you want to use this CRM.

We offer a trial account for you to understand your requirements on dovyo CRM. After analysing your needs with available resources, we can create any new module requirements if necessary. We then proceed to implement them, providing all post-sales technical support

Whatever you do with a partner, dovyo CRM will not send any invoice or collect payment. Partner will raise an invoice as per agreed terms and you have to pay them via the available option to them.

We will not appoint a consultant to you, you can search and choose on your own. Chat with sales for suggestions and help.

Yes, Consultants are our partners and part of our services. They do Technical and implementation support via Phone, Email or remote connection.

Cancellation and Refund

You cannot cancel any subscription, Your account will automatically get suspended due to non-usage for more than 30 days and the same will be terminated once your subscription ends / as per accepted terms.

We do not refund under any circumstance.

All your encrypted data will be removed from the system within 10 days of termination.

No, We do not offer any backup/data migration services.

Your data is safe. And after 10 days of termination, your data will be deleted from our system.

Subscription and Renewal

Yes, You can.

Yes, and it is the sole discretion of the dovyo CRM admin.

All licenses are annually renewed services. First, the sign-up date is followed as the renewal date and additional services or licenses bought new are calculated pro rata per the first sign-up date. Value-added services, Bulk SMS are as per specific terms during purchase.

We offer a variety of payment modes you can choose to pay via Wire Transfer / Payment Gateway.

We will notify you within 3 working days via email. You are requested to follow those instructions or write us to sales@vyocrm.com

Add / remove users Users

Login to your admin console and add a user. Now you can pay online / activate it via your designated dovyo CRM partner.

You can remove users or services during renewal.

Well, that data will be deleted permanently.

dovyo CRM Marketplace

No, every customer is privileged to use any modules or customization under dovyo CRM Marketplace.

dovyo CRM Marketplace is a place where you can find a customization or extra module you require for business automation.

Just subscribe and make an online payment or via a designated dovyo CRM partner.

Maybe, read and understand before subscribing and installing.

As like renewing your subscription. Pay online to activate through dovyo CRM Partner.